First Mention

A browser extension to remind you who people are who were introduced earlier in an article

You know when you’re reading something and someone is mentioned who was introduced earlier in the piece but you don’t remember who they are?

With First Mention, instead of scrolling up and down or searching in the page, just click on the name you don’t remember to see it in the original context.


Chrome, Firefox, Edge

Safari, iPhone, Android, and other browsers

You should use the browser extension above when possible, but First Mention is also available as a bookmarklet that you can use in any web browser, including on your phone. More…


Does First Mention tell me the first time someone was mentioned, like, ever?
No. It shows you the first time they were mentioned on the current page, which, with any luck, explains who they are. (But if you’re curious, this was the first mention of Donald Trump in the New York Times.)
Why is my browser warning that First Mention can “Read and change all your data on the websites you visit”?!
That’s the standard permission an extension needs to be able to interact with the content on webpages. First Mention needs it to detect when you click a word on the page, to find the word in the page text, and to display a popup. It’s not doing anything else with your data (and the code is open source, so you can check for yourself).

Support & Feedback

Not seeing the popup when you click a name? Seeing the popup when you shouldn’t? Wrong text in the popup? Report it here and I’ll take a look:

If you find First Mention useful, consider leaving a review on the Chrome Web Store or the Firefox add-ons site.

For other feedback, email me, get in touch on Twitter or create an issue on GitHub.


First Mention is free and open source. The code is available on GitHub.